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7 Night Cruise Legendary Archipelago

7 Night Cruise Legendary Archipelago DESTINATIONS
Athens (Greece) Thessaloniki (Greece), Mykonos (Greece), Santorini (Greece), Rhodes (Greece), Limassol (Cyprus), Crete-Agios Nikolaos (Greece), Athens (Greece)


Rent a Boat in Chalkidiki

1 day boat rental Explore Blue Lagoon, Myrsini Beach, Karidi Beach, Peristeri Island, Lagonisi Beach nad Kryfto Bay by renting a boat in Chalkidiki, Sithonia.


Mount Athos Cruise Offer

1 day excursion Mount Athos, the independent State belonging to Greece, consists of 20 Monasteries the oldest being found over 1000 years ago with monks from many countries, keeps its traditional monastic life and houses a variety of unique and distinguished treasures.

20/04/2021 - 20/10/2021

Most of Greece

04- 13 June 2021-9 days This tour of the most famous parts of Greece will provide a regular series of wonderful backdrops to stimulate our imagination as we traverse from north to south exploring Greece’s impressive nature, culture and history.